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Will my employee or find out about my bankruptcy
The short answer is no.  The only time an employer will ever be informed about your bankruptcy is if we needed to send your notice of filing in order to stop a wage garnishment.  A formal service to an employer is not required under Illinois law. 

Could I file bankruptcy on my utility bills? 
The answer is yes, you are able to discharge all prefiling utility bills.  But you might want to consider whether it’s worth it or not.  Most utility companies except cable television will require a security deposit after the discharge of past utility bills in bankruptcy.  This typically is about 1 1/2 times a monthly charge.  So if you have thousands of dollars in past utility bills, it might be worth it to discharge the debts in bankruptcy and put down a small deposit.  But if you are only about a month behind or so, it’s usually better to catch up outside of bankruptcy therefore you won’t have to put the deposit down.  Your attorney will be able to advise you whether the amounts of the utility bills you owe are worth filing in your bankruptcy.

Will filing undo my driver’s license suspension?
It depends why you’re suspended in the first place.  If you are suspended because of an auto accident in which no bodily harm was done to another person, then filing a Chapter 7 bankruptcy will undo your driver’s license suspension.  However, if bodily harm was committed, this is non-dischargeable debt which will not undo your suspension.  If your license is suspended due to parking tickets, filing Chapter 7 will not undo your driver’s license suspension but going into a Chapter 13 repayment plan will allow you to get your driver’s license back on the date of filing.


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