Steger Bankruptcy Attorney

What is it like being a Steger bankruptcy attorney?Being a bankruptcy attorney means helping people get out of debt. Over the course of the last 20 years, I have seen people who have been struggling financially from medical bills, credit bills, personal loans, auto repossession, deficiencies and mortgage foreclosure deficiencies. I have seen people who have had their wages garnished, their bank account frozen and they are being sued and harassed by bill collectors day and night.

The best part about being a bankruptcy lawyer is helping people find solutions to debt problems. Debt can be overwhelming. Debt can affect your mental ability, your physical ability, your home life, your work life and your basic day-to-day life. When you are being harassed by bill collectors over the telephone or being called at your job to pay on a debt, this can affect your mental psyche. This can also affect your health because you are stressed out, you are anxious, you are nervous and you don’t know how in the world you are going to find a way out of debt.

You have heard about debt relief, as you’ve seen on T.V. from bill consolidation companies and other people promising to get you out of debt without filing for bankruptcy. Be careful about these types of promises to end your debt relief nightmare without the need to file for bankruptcy. With these companies, they act as bill consolidation companies whereby they try and take a piece of your money as you are going down and sinking. What they do is they have arrangements with certain creditors to pay less than what is fully owed on the debt in exchange for a release of the remaining balance. However, these companies have come under fire lately because they are mostly collecting the fees upfront before they ever pay the creditor.

Another problem with these debt consolidation companies is that they don’t all have to agree to accept your payment plan. Thus, if several creditors are willing to accept your payment plan but one or two are not, those one or two can actually sue you, garnish your wages and thwart your effort to pay off your other debt. If you are someone who is struggling financially, I would caution you against seeking any kind of debt settlement or debt consolidation program that is not a bankruptcy program and that is not through a Chapter 13 bankruptcy lawyer.

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