Round Lake Heights Bankruptcy Lawyer

If you do not take the two-hour financial management class and your case closes without a discharge you basically got no benefit from your bankruptcy case. At that point your Round Lake Heights bankruptcy lawyer will have to bring a motion to reopen the bankruptcy case to allow for a filing of a two-hour financial management class certificate. This is an additional expense that you do not want to have to go through, not only an additional court cost but an additional attorney fee because there is work involved by your attorney.

If you listen to your bankruptcy lawyer throughout the duration of your Chapter 7 bankruptcy case you are likely going to have success. Your attorney will advise you not to take out any credit card advances or use your credit card within 90 days or so of filing a bankruptcy.

Your attorney will also tell you that if any creditors call you that you should refer those creditors to the law firm. If you follow your attorney’s instructions you are going to have success with your Chapter 7 case.

Importantly, you must appear at your meeting of creditors. At the meeting of creditors you must have a photo ID and proof of your Social Security number. If you do not have those items or if you do not attend the meeting of creditors then your case may get dismissed. If your case is dismissed you are still going to have a bankruptcy filing on your credit report but you are not going to get the benefit of a Chapter 7 filing.

When seeking the right bankruptcy make sure that you feel comfortable with the information that that attorney is providing you. Make sure that your questions are being answered to your satisfaction. Make sure that the attorney is experienced in the area of bankruptcy and has written on the subject. Check out the attorney’s website and make sure that there’s information there about the attorney that will help you in evaluating his or her qualifications.

If you follow the advice of counsel, if you follow the information that he gives you, you will likely have a successful case when you file Chapter 7 bankruptcy.

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