Park City Bankruptcy Attorney

Park City bankruptcy attorney answers the common query, can I file a bankruptcy without an attorney? Yes, a person can file a bankruptcy without an attorney, and what this is called is filing pro se. However, bankruptcy law is complicated and it’s always changing and it’s always changing with regards to the judges, the trustees and the creditors, to some respect. That being said, I would not advise a person to file bankruptcy on their own. You could kind of make the analogy that a person would not try to fix their car’s engine without going to a mechanic, or a person would not try to fix their broken toe without going to see a doctor. In the same respect, a person should not try to file bankruptcy on their own without help from an attorney.

Another reason besides the fact that bankruptcy attorneys are specialized and do this on a consistent basis, so they know where the issues are, is the time and effort it’s going to take for a person to file a bankruptcy on their own. That issue is really about time it would take to go to court for the several different things that could occur and because you’re filing pro se, a person most likely will not catch all of the issues that can arise if you file or when you file a bankruptcy. Thus, do not consider the fact that you can file bankruptcy yourself.

If a person is filing for a Chapter 13 bankruptcy, that is definitely something that should be filed with the help of an attorney. A Chapter 13 is very, very complex and requires many court dates. So unless a person is planning on spending a lot of time researching Chapter 13 issues and a lot of time missing work to go to your Chapter 13 court dates, then that would be a person who might do okay with a Chapter 13. However, I highly doubt that person would have a successful Chapter 13 bankruptcy.

So can a person file bankruptcy without a bankruptcy lawyer? Yes. However, I would not recommend it because of the intense specialized area of law that the person is going to be diving into, and the fact that it takes a lot of time from the person’s regular job or regular career that they may have, which will greatly be impacted by the several court dates and just the research in general of trying to figure out how to file a Chapter 13 or a Chapter 7 bankruptcy.

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