Palos Heights Bankruptcy Attorney

There are several different players involved in a bankruptcy case. The bankruptcy trustee is depicted by a Palos Heights bankruptcy attorney. The trustee is the manager of the bankruptcy case. He’s the person that decides whether or not they will recommend a Chapter 13 plan to go forward or recommend to the court for a discharge in a Chapter 7 bankruptcy. The trustee is generally an attorney but does not have to be an attorney and they are appointed by the bankruptcy court.

The trustee is the person who conducts the 341 meeting and basically looks over the bankruptcy claim and decides whether or not there is an asset that needs to be distributed or in the circumstance of a Chapter 13, whether or not a Chapter 13 payment plan is feasible.

The trustee has the job of distributing assets if there are assets that are valuable and can be distributed to the creditors. His job is to find assets if any and distribute them so the trustee is a person who really helps a debtor get out of debt by discharging their debt and getting a no assets report or it could also be a person who takes the asset and distributes it to creditors.

The bankruptcy trustee is generally a very fair and good ally for a person who is filing bankruptcy. In Illinois bankruptcy, the trustees and the panel of trustees are all very good and very fair. They are not the type of person who is in a position to really try to harm the debtor in any way. The trustee is not out to harm the debtor. They are out to do their job and distribute assets, if there are any assets, and to give you a discharge in bankruptcy or allow a person to confirm a Chapter 13 payment plan. So this is the role of the trustee in bankruptcy and this is a very important part of the bankruptcy process.

If you have concerns regarding the filing process, make sure that you hire an attorney to assist you. You do not have to go through the process alone. You can be guided by an exceptional local bankruptcy lawyer who has the ability to take care of things for you. For example, if your petition needs to be amended, he can do that. If the trustee is looking for additional documentation, the attorney can help you gather what is needed. In summary, the process can be handled properly and you can get the relief that you need.

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