Morton Grove Bankruptcy Attorney

If you hire the right Morton Grove bankruptcy attorney, you’re going to have the best chance of success. Many cases fail because people have hired incompetent counsel or counsel that just didn’t bend over enough in terms of giving information and advice and were too short with the people. I like to spend as much time with people as they want to spend with me until they feel comfortable with the process. I welcome people to call me after the initial meeting if they have any questions.

Many times right after someone leaves the bankruptcy office, they will have a quick question. Those people can get me back on the phone and we can continue the conversation despite the fact that I might have moved on to something else after the interview. I want to make sure that people feel comfortable. I want to make sure that people want my representation, appreciate my representation and are willing to listen to the advice that I am giving. There is nothing worse than giving bankruptcy advice to somebody and then they go and do the opposite. I have told many people you cannot use your credit cards after you see me now that you are thinking of filing Chapter 7 bankruptcy and some of those people will immediately run out and charge up their credit card for the maximum amount. This is going to backfire because the creditor is going to file an adversarial complaint objecting to that debt and that debt could be held non-dischargeable. Now, if a particular debt is held non-dischargeable, that means that it survives the bankruptcy and the creditor is free to go after the debtor on that dead forever.

So seek advice from a bankruptcy lawyer but heed the advice of a bankruptcy lawyer. If an attorney tells you not to run up a credit card and not to take a cash advance, by all means, don’t take a cash advance and don’t use your credit card. Your attorney is giving you this advice to protect you. We as attorneys want to see you get the best fresh start if it’s a Chapter 7 or we want to see you have a successful Chapter 13 reorganization plan. We do not want you to see you do anything that will cause a problem in your case. We do not want to see you make any missteps. We do not want to see your case thrown out of court.

So take the advice of your lawyer. Find a good attorney; there’s all kinds of information out there where you can do some research. And get the help you need. Chapter 7 fresh start is a great way to start over and get a second chance financially. If you file Chapter 13 bankruptcy, it is a great way to reorganize your debt, repay your mortgage arrears over time and save your house and car. With the help of the bankruptcy court and with the help of a qualified, seasoned, experienced bankruptcy attorney, you can have success under either Chapter of the Bankruptcy Code.

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