Midlothian Bankruptcy Attorney

You should do your homework when looking for a Midlothian bankruptcy attorney. You should look at some of the reviews and see if clients were happy with that attorney or not. Now, I understand the Internet is full of misinformation and many people who leave a review on the Internet are either a disgruntled client who had unrealistic expectations or it might be a friend of the firm was giving a positive review. So take the reviews with a grain of salt but at least it’s an indication. If you see 10 or 20 bad reviews, that should be a warning sign that should be a red flag.

Go meet with at least three bankruptcy attorneys before you make a decision and avoid the cheap bankruptcy lawyers. Do not make a decision solely on price because price does not dictate whether or not you’re going to get good representation or not. You can get great representation for someone who is not charging a lot and you can get terrible representation from somebody who is charging the moon and the stars. I would recommend you find someone who is charging a reasonable level that you feel is appropriate based on what other attorneys in the area are charging. I would not recommend you hire the cheapest attorney and I would also not recommend that you hire the most expensive attorney. Hire the attorney that you feel comfortable with and that you feel has the knowledge, skill and requisite level of experience to help you navigate through either a Chapter 7 bankruptcy filing or a Chapter 13 bankruptcy filing.

These cases are difficult, folks. These cases are not easy. There are many attorneys who used to practice in other areas of the law who are now moving back into the Illinois bankruptcy area because they think that’s where the money is. These are the attorneys that you need to be most afraid of because they are not knowledgeable in the area. They’ve been off practicing and other areas like criminal law, real estate, personal injury; and they have not kept up with the existing laws.

The bankruptcy laws changed October 17, 2005. When those laws changed, many people who used to do bankruptcy cases here and there decided that it was no longer in their best interest to do bankruptcy cases because they simply could not keep up with the current law. You want to make sure that your bankruptcy lawyer was practicing bankruptcy before the law changed and has continued to practice bankruptcy law after the law changed. You want to make sure that that attorney can show you what they have done in the past for people, what they can recommend for your case and back it up.

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