Matteson Bankruptcy Lawyer

With all of the talented attorneys out there who can assist with filing bankruptcy, why in the world would you want to file bankruptcy yourself?  The answer for most people is an attempt to try and save money.  After all, a Matteson bankruptcy lawyer is not cheap.  They expect to be paid for their specialty and bankruptcy is no exception.  There are areas of bankruptcy law that take years to get a handle on.  Why would you as a pro se debtor think that you can sidestep the work and efforts of a bankruptcy attorney?  The truth is that filing bankruptcy is no easy job, even for a skilled attorney.

Let’s take a look at what really goes on behind a bankruptcy filing.  First, we must start with the right bankruptcy advice.  For each attorney, there may be a different game plan with regard to filing.  Some attorneys are quick to think Chapter 7 when others are steering people into Chapter 13 bankruptcy cases.  Only one out of every four cases, on average, is a Chapter 13 case.  Yet, there are law firms that are filing almost exclusively, Chapter 13 case.  You must be careful that you are really getting advice that benefits you and not the law firm that you have chosen.

For Chicago residents, you will have a Chicago bankruptcy case whether or not the case is a Chapter 7 case.  There are two different Chapter 13 trustees that sit in the Chicago location and a group of excellent bankruptcy judges.  To get the most out of your case, it pays to be informed.  Read all that you can about the different chapters so that you can ask intelligent questions of your attorney.  Has the attorney been practicing for a number of years?  Is the attorney kind and considerate of your situation?  These are the types of questions that you need to have good answers for.  If you are feeling even the slightest bit uncomfortable, find another attorney to assist you.

Lastly, when you decide to claim bankruptcy, don’t think for one second that your life is over.  You will get offers for credit again.  You will be able to buy a house just two short years after filing for bankruptcy.  This is contingent upon you having good income and no negative credit on your record since your bankruptcy filing.  You will be able to finance a vehicle shortly after filing for bankruptcy.  There is a life after filing.  Usually, your life will get a lot better after filing.

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