Lockport Bankruptcy Attorney

If you are someone who is considering filing bankruptcy, please do not think that you can file bankruptcy yourself. I don’t care if it’s a Chapter 7 bankruptcy case or a Chapter 13 bankruptcy case; it is not easy to file it on your own. You are much better served spending the money and getting a Lockport bankruptcy attorney to assist you every step of the way. Problems that can occur if you file bankruptcy on your own are numerous. First of all, your case can be dismissed if you do not take the credit counseling prior to filing. Second, your case can also be dismissed if you don’t provide documentation to the Chapter 7 trustee within 7 days of the meeting of creditors. Your case can also be closed without a discharge if you don’t take the two-hour financial management class before your case is completed. You also have to appear in front of a trustee at your 341 meeting of creditors. You have to provide the trustee with documentation, and you might have to amend your schedules. You also might tell the trustee information that will cause a hardship in your case. I strongly recommend that you hire a bankruptcy lawyer to assist you with your bankruptcy case; do not think that you can go it alone.

In fact, many attorneys who used to do a bankruptcy case will no longer do a bankruptcy case under the new law. The laws changed October 17, 2005, and it became more and more difficult to file Chapter 7 bankruptcy or file a Chapter 13 bankruptcy case. There is plenty of information out there on the websites, in the law libraries, at your local law office if you’re willing to investigate and do some research. I always suggest that clients understand the process, because an educated client is going to be my best client. However, I am still going to explain everything in detail about filing a bankruptcy case. I want my clients to know without a doubt what is expected of them and what is expected from the court. If you hire my law firm, you are going to be represented by quality attorneys over the course of your case with compassion and with care. There is no reason to try and go it alone; there is no reason to hire cheap bankruptcy lawyers who are not going to provide any kind of background assistance for you.

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