Lily Lake Bankruptcy Lawyer

One thing that I have notice as a Lily Lake bankruptcy lawyer is that people are obsessed with credit scores. This obsession with credit reports and credit scores has been something that people have seen on TV for years. There are different companies that say they will monitor your credit report and they will provide your report for you for free with the monitoring. I caution my clients to not worry about those services. If you go to, you can pull each of your three credit bureaus once a year for free. You will not obtain a credit score, but you will obtain the actual copy of your credit report. If you really want to be vigilant and keep on track of how your credit report is looking, you can pull one credit bureau every four months. That way, you have a constant look at one of your three credit bureaus as the year is progressing. This is extremely important if you are considering claiming bankruptcy.

The three main credit reporting companies are Equifax, Transunion and Experian. Each one of these credit reports will report a little bit differently on the same accounts. For example, some might list some debts while some list others. That is why I recommend that you initially pull all three credit bureaus when you’re thinking of filing for bankruptcy so that you can provide your attorney with all the people that you owe money to. After your case is filed, you can then start to pull one every four months so you keep a bird’s-eye view on how your credit is doing. Regardless of which case you file, whether it is an individual bankruptcy or joint bankruptcy, you want to be proactive with regard to check you reports.

However, please don’t be obsessed with your credit report. Please don’t be obsessed with your credit score. Be more concerned with how you are doing financially; be more concerned with how much debt you are carrying; be more concerned about how you are going to budget for the future so that you don’t fall back into debt again. The actual credit report, the actual credit score, at the moment of filing bankruptcy is not nearly as important as you might think. What is important is getting out of debt, getting back on your feet, and making smart decisions going forward so that you never fall back into debt again. If you do some research, you will not have a problem in your search to find a bankruptcy lawyer.

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