Lake Bluff Bankruptcy Attorney

Answers to common debt relief questions are answered here by a Lake Bluff bankruptcy attorney:

The creditor will look into the debtor’s past behavior with their bankruptcy and with how these other creditworthiness factors and will decide whether or not extending credit is good for the creditor. Many circumstances, a creditor will send applications for credit or loans after someone has filed bankruptcy very shortly, within six months. So it is not impossible to obtain credit after the filing of a bankruptcy. The good thing to know is credit will be given to you again, you will be able to get a mortgage, you will be able to get credit cards and payday loans if needed, and it will be done on a case by case scenario with the individual bankruptcy debtor and the individual creditor who decides to extend the credit to that person.

Can I bankrupt my utility bill? The answer is yes, you can bankrupt your utility bill. However, some people will mistake bills such as cable or Internet as a utility. These are things that are not considered a utility, but are considered a luxury. Utility bills are your electricity bills, your gas bills, your water bills, and your trash bills, anything that is connected to a utility. Those things can be discharged in your bankruptcy. That is easily eliminated during the bankruptcy process.

However, when you do decide to file bankruptcy and disclose your utility bills, generally speaking, the utility company is going to ask for a deposit to reinstate your utility bill. That deposit generally can be paid off in monthly installments or through the Chapter 13 payment plan. So utility bills are dischargeable in bankruptcy, but in many cases, a deposit will be required in order to reinstate those utility bills.

Can I get my driver’s license back? The answer is yes. If you lost your driver’s license due to some kind of accident or through traffic violations, then a bankruptcy filing will allow you to reinstate or restore your license. However, if the accident or violations for traffic violations are due to the person’s intoxication or driving under the influence of some kind of illegal drug, then it will be much harder to reinstate your license and most likely will not be a way to restore your license.

So can I get my driver’s license back in bankruptcy? Yes and no, but in most all circumstances, a person will be able to receive their driver’s license and reinstate their driver’s license when a bankruptcy petition is filed. You should consult with your local bankruptcy lawyer for more detailed information.

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