Hoffman Estates Bankruptcy Attorney

In some cases, your Hoffman Estates bankruptcy attorney can convert a Chapter 13 case to one of Chapter 7. This is a case where someone starts out as a Chapter 13 with the goal of repaying mortgage arrears over time and then realized down the road that it’s just not possible, it’s too burdensome and they want to convert to a Chapter 7 and let go of their property. In that type of case, they don’t need to file a new bankruptcy case. The Chapter 13 case is simply converted to one of Chapter 7. There is an additional 341 meeting of creditors in the Chapter 7 case and then the case goes to discharge. The case number remains the same for the 13 and for the Chapter 7 and the filing date remains the same which is the date of the original Chapter 13 filing. This is true for any Illinois bankruptcy case that is converted.

So you can see Chapter 13 is a little bit complicated. Chapter 7 is a little bit easier although a Chapter 7 can get pretty complicated, too. You want to make sure that you have experienced, competent, skilled, seasoned, professional counsel working for your benefit; whether it is a Chapter 7 or a Chapter 13 bankruptcy. Go meet and speak with a few different attorneys and see what they are all about. Take a look at their office. Take a look at their staff. Take a look at their demeanor. Have they answered all of your questions? Do they make you feel comfortable in the process? Do you feel that you can handle a relationship with that bankruptcy lawyer for either the next four months under Chapter 7 or the next 3 to 5 years under Chapter 13?

Has the attorney written on the subject? Has the attorney explained to you everything in great detail? Does the attorney have any referrals or recommendations that he can provide you with? These are the types of questions that you can ask and you will get a real good answer, a real good feel for whether or not that’s the right attorney to help you with the case. Check on the attorney’s website. Does the attorney have any written material on the website or videos or helpful information? Or is the website just the one page this is where we are located in this is what we do, this is our phone number? You can learn so much by doing some investigation on the Internet. You are hopefully only going to claim bankruptcy once. You should make sure that you do it right.

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