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The bankruptcy laws did change October 17 of 2005 but filing bankruptcy still exists according to Golf bankruptcy attorney. As far as Chapter 13 goes the bankruptcy laws really had very limited changes to what goes on in a Chapter 13. It is true if you’re making more than the State average in your State then your Chapter 13 bankruptcy case has to run 60 months, where prior to the law change it only had to run 36. That’s the biggest change in Chapter 13 bankruptcy law.

Additionally, the four years of Federal Tax Returns have to be provided to the Chapter 13 trustee as opposed to one year of Federal Tax Return for a Chapter 7. The paycheck stubs, the credit counseling and the two-hour financial management class are both mandated under Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy. Your bankruptcy lawyer will help you fulfill these requirements.

I may be the only attorney in the country who is sending a two-hour DVD for my clients to watch immediately after a case is filed. I may be the only attorney in the country that wants my clients to watch that DVD immediately and bring proof that they watched it to their 341 meeting of creditors.

I saw too many cases dismissed without a discharge or close without a discharge simply because people sat on the DVD or they didn’t take the two-hour financial management class online. If you’re going to go through the trouble of filing a bankruptcy to get relief then you must complete all of the requirements; completing just some of the requirements does not get the job done. A good, quality bankruptcy attorney is going to help you satisfy these requirements.

I went and made sure that my clients are going to have that DVD in their hand within a couple of days after filing. My clients have approximately 30 or 40 days to watch that video to get it back to me by the time of the 341 meeting of creditors. In the rare case that they don’t watch the video at the time of the 341 meeting of creditors they still technically have another 60 days to watch the video. If at that point the clients decide not to watch the video and the case closes without a discharge then at least I know I’ve done everything I could within my power other than extracting them out of the house and forcing them to watch the DVD that I can do.

A good bankruptcy attorney is going to help you. Whatever you do, please do not think that you can file bankruptcy on your own. As you can see from the list of the requirements that I’m giving you right now this is not something that you want to navigate on your own. You want to have a highly-competent, skilled, experienced attorney working on your behalf side by side.

Hopefully you’re only going to file bankruptcy once in your life. When you do file that bankruptcy you want to make sure that it’s done properly and that you’re going to have success. You don’t want to have creditors coming back after you after you’ve already filed the bankruptcy. You want to know that you have a law firm that you can contact if a creditor is bothering you to get them off your back. You want to know that you have a law firm that if a creditor is bothering you that you can sue them under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act or under the bankruptcy laws. Find a bankruptcy lawyer near you for more assistance.

Contract a local bankruptcy attorney in your area who has the experience to handle your case. You will be in good hands provided you find the right attorney to assist you under the United States Bankruptcy Code.

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