Glendale Heights Bankruptcy Attorney

The total timeframe for a Chapter 7 bankruptcy case from filing to discharge is approximately 120 days. If you listen to your Glendale Heights bankruptcy attorney, if you take heed to everything your counsel is saying and if you don’t do anything in contravention of his advice, your case should go smoothly. A good bankruptcy attorney is not going to file a Chapter 7 bankruptcy case, if you have significant assets that can be taken by the Chapter 7 trustee. A competent Illinois bankruptcy attorney is not going to miss a court date and is not going to miss advising you on different elements of your case.

The prerequisites before your case can be filed have to be done and a good law firm is not going to file your case until you have done so. A good law firm is also going to advise you to take the two-hour financial management class after your case is filed but before it goes to discharge. If you fail to take the two-hour financial management class after your case is filed, then your case will eventually close without a discharge. Closing without a discharge means you just wasted all of your time in the bankruptcy process without any real results. In those situations where that happens, we have to bring a motion to reopen the bankruptcy case, to file the personal financial management instruction completion certificate. To avoid this additional expense and attorney fee, follow the advice of your attorney and take that financial management class immediately after your cases filed.

What I like to do is I like to have that personal financial management instruction class taken prior to the 341 meeting of creditors and I ask that my clients bring the certificate or proof that they’ve taken the class to the meeting of creditors. This way, once the meeting of creditors is over, I can basically say that unless there is some kind of objection or adversarial complaint filed, my client is home free. My client has already satisfied the post-filing requirement and has taken the two-hour financial management instruction course. I don’t want my clients to have any chance that their case is going to close without a discharge. I don’t want to see my clients incur any additional fees, court costs, oral, legal fees or attorney’s fees, or any kind of expenses associated with a case closing without a discharge. You will get the results that you are looking for if your hire this bankruptcy lawyer in Chicago.

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