Evanston Bankruptcy Attorney

How do I find the right Evanston bankruptcy attorney to handle my case? Well, for one you should always look for an attorney that specializes in bankruptcy. The reason being is that bankruptcy is a very specialized field of the law that if you don’t know what you are doing, you can severely hurt someone’s who should be a successful candidate for a Chapter 7 or a Chapter 13 bankruptcy. There are a lot of nuances in this type of law and a lot of technical aspects of bankruptcy that not a lot of general attorneys know. Most attorneys that you would think of are attorneys that practice in fields like family law or personal injury or criminal law. These are the types of attorneys that one would think of when they think of an attorney. When one thinks of a lawyer, they don’t necessarily think of a bankruptcy lawyer. So in that respect, one should definitely seek out an attorney that specializes and has experience in bankruptcy law.

After you find that this attorney has specialized, you also need to ask former clients of theirs, ask the client to have gone through bankruptcy and ask them what it was like and how they felt about their attorney. And ask for referrals to find the right local bankruptcy lawyer. It’s always good to know that a friend or a family member is pointing you in the direction of an attorney and that that family member or friend had a good experience with their attorney. You can also look up attorneys on websites. You can look them up in the phone book or you can hear them on the radio.

But to find a bankruptcy lawyer to handle your case should really boil down to the experience of the type of law that the attorney practices. I can’t stress enough that finding a good bankruptcy attorney is hard in the sense that there’s not a lot of attorneys do bankruptcy. So if your friend says I had a traffic ticket or a DUI and they point you towards my attorney who handled my DUI case, chances are that DUI attorney doesn’t know anything about bankruptcy and they’ve never filed a bankruptcy in their life. So it’s important to know that the attorney is someone who has done the bankruptcy process and has experience in the field of bankruptcy and knows what they’re doing because if a debtor goes with an attorney who does not know what they are doing with the bankruptcy, there’s a good chance that that attorney is going to get your bankruptcy case dismissed. That’s just going to cost you time, money and if you are being pursued actively by collectors or trying to beat a foreclosure sale date or a tax sale date, that really does affect the ability to stop those collection efforts. So if you are trying to stop a garnishment and the attorney who does not regularly practice bankruptcy messes up on the case and get your case dismissed, that garnishment is going to continue, continue on and on.

So make sure that when you do find an attorney, that 1) an attorney that specializes in bankruptcy and 2) make sure you get a good feeling from that attorney. Make sure that attorney that you have consulted with gives you a good vibe and answers all your questions and calls you back when you call them for questions specifically about your case. And once you have all those things together, I think it’s a good combination where you will be successful in filing Chapter 7 bankruptcy and successful in receiving a discharge in bankruptcy and begin your fresh start.

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