Deer Park Bankruptcy Attorney

Two months after the 341 meeting of creditors, if there are no objections from creditors or objections from the United States trustee, the case will go to a discharge claims Deer Park bankruptcy attorney. A discharge is a one-page document which states that the case has gone through to completion and no creditors can bother that debtor on a discharged debt. I always recommend that my client keep a copy of the discharge for future reference in case a creditor comes out of the woodwork and tries to collect on a debt that was discharged. My client could then send a copy of the discharge to that creditor, or they can notify me and I will send them a copy of the discharge with a letter. We want them to get proof of the bankruptcy news.

The filing fee to file bankruptcy under Chapter 7 at the time of this writing is $306.00. That $306.00 filing fee is the start filing fee applied to all Chapter 7 bankruptcy cases filed throughout the country. Attorney’s fees are going to vary based on your case, your location, and the attorney you hire. Please do not hire cheap bankruptcy lawyers. Bankruptcy is not a simple procedure. Bankruptcy is complex federal law that could result in significant consequences if it is not done properly. You want to make sure that you’re going to hire an attorney that knows all about Chapter 7 bankruptcy. There are many attorneys out there who claim to be able to do a Chapter 7 bankruptcy who really do not have experience in the area. There are many Illinois bankruptcy attorneys who came over from other areas of practice, such as real estate, criminal law, personal injury, who now think they could do a bankruptcy case because that’s where they think the money is.

In reality, you want someone who is practicing bankruptcy law because they enjoy bankruptcy law, they’re knowledgeable in bankruptcy law, and they’ve made if their life’s work. I have been practicing bankruptcy law for over 20 years. I am a member of the American Bankruptcy Institute, which is an organization which encompasses all the different players in a bankruptcy case. The American Bankruptcy Institute involves debtor attorneys, creditor attorneys, judges, trustees, accounts, lenders, bankers; anything related to bankruptcy will be a part of the American Bankruptcy Institute. You can find more information about the American Bankruptcy Institute at I strongly recommend that if you are going to hire a local bankruptcy lawyer, that you find one that is either a member of the American Bankruptcy Institute or is one of many bar associations that handle bankruptcy law.

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