Crest Hill Bankruptcy Attorney

Why would someone feel the need to consider claiming bankruptcy with a Crest Hill bankruptcy attorney?  The main reasons why someone would consider filing are to eliminate stress and pressure from collectors and creditors.  With automated computer calls at all hours of the day, the invasiveness of creditor collection efforts has caused many to throw their hands up and file bankruptcy.  Many people today only utilize a cell phone and have discontinued home service.  Due to this fact, the cell phone has become a target of collectors.  When the creditor can reach you or at least ring you cell phone constantly, the pressure starts to build up.  The voice on the other end is usually not very friendly and it can cause stress.

For those that are at the point of no return, you need to speak with and eventually hire a Chapter 7 bankruptcy attorney.  That type of attorney specialized in getting people out of debt by utilizing the existing laws found in the U.S. Bankruptcy Code.  The Code consists of a complex set of rules, sections and procedures for bringing forth a bankruptcy case.  This is something that can be a daunting task even for the skilled bankruptcy practitioner.  There are little nuances and the laws are ever changing.  Thus, make certain that you are hiring a skilled law firm.  Do not hire someone simply because the fee that he is charging is less than someone else.  The question should be “Is this a good attorney for me and my case”?

If you call around and hear a lot of prices that you think are too high, do not be afraid.  Most attorneys will work out a payment plan for their fees.  If no one is garnishing your wages, then you can likely refer the creditor calls to your attorney’s office.  Under no circumstance would I recommend that you file bankruptcy yourself.  You honestly have no idea what being your own attorney is all about.  You will not readily know the timing of which documents to file.  If you do get help with the timing, what about the petition and schedules themselves?  Are they prepared correctly and are you protecting your assets?  These are things that you will not have to worry about should you choose counsel.

Lastly, if you do decide to file, take note of all of your bankruptcy options.  For example, you can choose to keep a house and car and still file for bankruptcy.  You just have to be willing to continue to make payments on those items.  You can also agree to keep one of those items and surrender the other item.  You can also decide to repay a creditor after your case is filed.  You may have a doctor or dentist that you owe a small amount of money to.  That debt must be listed on the petition; however, you can agree to voluntarily pay any creditor that you choose.  So you do have options even after your case is filed.

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