Countryside Bankruptcy Lawyer

Have you ever wondered how some people get a second chance in life financially?  For some, they took the step to claim bankruptcy and used a Countryside bankruptcy lawyer.  Now it is not always an easy step to take.  For some, it takes years of payment creditors to finally come to the realization that it cannot continue.  The stress alone is something that can lead to health issues.  The lack of funds can lead to poor diets and poor nutrition.  Additionally, once court actions grab hold, it is difficult to escape.  Wages can be garnished up to 15% and bank accounts can be frozen for up to two times the amount of the judgment.  Once these types of things occur, the bankruptcy case seems to be a logical choice.

If you are really daring, you could file bankruptcy yourself.  However, if you do so, you are going to be expected to know how to navigate a case as if you were an attorney.  The judges will expect you to know how to bring the proper motions at the proper time.  Notices will have to be sent to creditors in accordance with the bankruptcy code and in accordance with local rules.  The documents themselves have to be completed and filed correctly.  One misstep can lead to a case being dismissed.  I would strongly recommend that you file with an attorney.

Speaking of attorneys, if you are looking to file for bankruptcy, make sure that you hire a Chapter 7 bankruptcy attorney if your case is going to be a Chapter 7.   I have seen too many cases where an attorney who rarely practices in bankruptcy court runs into problems.  It could be the loss of a client’s asset or even dismissal.  There are requirements that must be completed both prior and after a case is filed.  If the timing is not completed properly, the case can be dismissed.  Some attorneys would be wise to refer the case to another attorney more versed in bankruptcy law.

Lastly, explore some alternatives to bankruptcy.  You may have an opportunity to work out payment arrangements with your creditors.  Further, a creditor may be willing to accept a partial payment in satisfaction of the entire debt.  If you have the funds available and creditors are receptive to the idea, you may be able to stave off a bankruptcy filing.  Some time, a filing is inevitable and the best thing to do in the long fun.  You will be able to get credit again.  You will be able to purchase a car again.  There is life after bankruptcy.

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