Countryside Bankruptcy Attorney

After your case is filed by your Countryside bankruptcy attorney, you will have your court date, and you go to what is a 341 creditors’ meeting. Now, the creditors’ meeting is not a courtroom. You are not in front of a judge; you are actually sitting in a room with a table kind of like what you would see in an attorney’s office, only now you are in a legal building, but you’re in a room, and it’s you, your attorney, and the trustee. The trustee, then, asks you questions. “Is this you? Is this your Social Security card? Do you live here? Did you file these taxes last year?” It’s very simple, very painless. The trustee hearing should probably last about five minutes. I’ve heard it can take more, but it’s very basic yes-no questions, and the bankruptcy lawyer is there to help you. So if there’s something you do question, you just answer as best to your knowledge. You just make sure that you divulge all information to your attorney and don’t forget anything and all of a sudden remember it at your court date. You do that; you go to your court date; after that you wait.

Anywhere from 60 to 90 days after your court date, you receive your discharge letter. That is the end of the bankruptcy process. The discharge letter is heaven sent. It lets you know that your bankruptcy was successful. You keep that with you and if all of a sudden someone out of the woodwork calls or sends a letter, you give them the case number, and the date filed, and what district it was filed it and then give the attorney’s name and phone number. You can also just mail a copy of the discharge letter and you should not be bothered again. If they continue to bother you, let your Chapter 7 bankruptcy attorney know about it. He may be able to come back into court and seek a monetary sanction against a creditor that is pursuing you. The creditor has violated the bankruptcy stay and the discharge injunction at that point in time.

If you are someone who is hesitant and is asking yourself, should I file for bankruptcy, keep in mind that bankruptcy can really be a life saver. You can go from flat out broke to debt free in a matter of days. Do not let the critics phase you. Talk directly with an attorney who can give you the facts without the sales pitch.

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