Country Club Hills Bankruptcy Attorney

What is the process of filing a Chapter 7 through a Country Club Hills bankruptcy attorney? Well, you come into the office; you fill out a questionnaire. Any questions that you don’t really know, you can leave blank and the attorney does help you. It’ll ask you about what goes in, what goes out, who lives here, where you work, who lives with you, and all of that. They then put together a bankruptcy petition, and you sign the petition, and they give you a list, a checklist, so to speak, of what needs to be done in order to file a Chapter 7.

What is next is the process of filing Chapter 7 bankruptcy, which includes signing the petition, making sure it’s all correct. They pull a credit report, but I as well pulled my other two credit reports just to make sure that everything was included on my Chapter 7. There are things that they put on your credit report that you don’t remember, you don’t know, that probably like could be ten years old, and it just comes up out of the woodwork. So it is best to make sure that you have all those three credit reports and medical bills, everything that you’ll be including. That’s all in your petition. You sign it; you do your to-do list.

The first is a credit counseling course. It sounds harder than it is. You hear the word “course,” you think you have to sit in a class with everybody else and you’re shunned upon. It doesn’t work that way. There are so many easy ways to do it. You can actually go into an office and do it; you can do it by phone; or the easiest, fastest, simplest way is to do it via an Internet. They ask you questions. You really kind of just guesstimate because everything changes. Between late fees and finance charges, everything changes. So you kind of guesstimate, and you really are just reading, and they’re really teaching you a better way to budget, a better way to live. And once you see it all on paper, you find ways of making it easier. That’s the credit counseling course and it must be completed in every individual bankruptcy case for consumers.

The next thing they ask you is for your most recent taxes filed, as in federal taxes. If you cannot get them, if you’ve lost them and can’t find them or you can’t get them, you can call your accountant. They can always print out another set for you, they can fax it, mail it, e-mail it to your attorney, or you can send it in to the IRS for a transcript. You can call the IRS, but you do need the most recent federal taxes filed of the previous year. They also ask you for pay stubs. You need 60 days’ most recent pay stubs prior to filing, so you have to keep sending in those pay stubs until you are filed. Your bankruptcy lawyer and the office in general will keep you informed as to what else is needed to file.

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