Chicago Ridge Bankruptcy Lawyer

There are so many options with regarding to filing bankruptcy.  None of which is more important than which Chicago Ridge bankruptcy lawyer you hire to handle your case.  Whether you live in Chicago proper or whether you live in any of the surrounding suburbs, you can easily locate an attorney who can assist you.  I would suggest that you interview a few bankruptcy attorneys to get a feel for their style, their office and their knowledge.  You are only likely going to file once in your life.  Thus, you want to make sure that your experience goes smoothly.  Your choice of attorney can make a huge difference in your experience.

If you thing that you need a fresh start, you might want to look for a chapter 7 bankruptcy attorney.  As the name implies, that type of attorney should be versed in all of the nuances and details surrounding a chapter 7 filing.  Not all cases are the same and not all attorneys are the same.  I would suggest that you locate and hire an attorney who really knows his trade.  There are significant differences in skill levels between attorneys.  Don’t simply choose an attorney based upon price.  That could lead to disastrous results should the attorney be over his head on a particular case.

If you have made up your mind that you must claim bankruptcy, you want to make sure that you pursue your filing in the right manner.  For example, prior to filing, you must take a credit counseling session.  This can be done on line, in person or over the telephone.  The typical charge for credit counseling is $25.00 and could be paid by debit card or check by phone.  If you do not take this credit counseling session, then you are not eligible to file for bankruptcy.  If you do file without having taken the counseling, your case will be dismissed as if it was never filed.

Whatever you do, do not take the risk to file bankruptcy yourself.  There are simply too many ways that a case can fail if you go it alone.  First, your case can be dismissed if you do not take the above-mentioned credit counseling prior to filing.  Second, your case can close without receiving a discharge if you fail to complete a two hour personal financial management court after filing yet prior to discharge.  The timing of events is critical.  For a lay person to understand and navigate a complex area of law is a mistake in my opinion.  Seek the help of a skilled professional and you will be in better shape going forward.

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