Chicago Ridge Bankruptcy Attorney

There is life after bankruptcy according to a Chicago Ridge bankruptcy attorney. If someone is working, if someone is budgeting, if someone has the ability to pay, that person is going to get offers for credit regardless of the fact that they filed for bankruptcy. The interest rate may be higher than someone who never filed, the amount of the loan might be lower than someone who didn’t file. But you will have an opportunity to get credit. You will have an opportunity to get back on your feet.

You will have a good life after bankruptcy for a number of reasons. Firstly, you have eliminated the debt that was dragging you down. You no longer have that obligation on the credit card bill or the medical bill or the personal loan. Those debts have been eliminated when you file Chapter 7 bankruptcy so you no longer have to struggle with making minimum monthly payments or dealing with creditors’ harassment.

Number two, you probably have learned from this lesson to budget properly in the future. Even if you haven’t learned to budget properly, you hopefully have corrected some of the mistakes that may have caused you to file bankruptcy in the first place. For example, if you did not have medical insurance and medical bills caused you to claim bankruptcy, hopefully now you have taken action to get medical coverage. If you were driving without insurance and you got into an auto accident and that was the reason you had to file bankruptcy, hopefully you have now rectified that situation by getting auto insurance. If you are someone who overspent on credit cards, if you are somebody who could not resist easy credit, hopefully you have learned your lesson and will not accept entices credit anymore and will try to live within your means. If you are somebody who file for bankruptcy because you simply overspent, hopefully in the future you are not going to overspend. Hopefully you have learned to budget and to live within your means.

So there is life after bankruptcy and a very good life after bankruptcy. You just have to learn from the mistake, take the advice from your attorney and start to live more frugally. Make smart decisions going forward and you are going to experience a great financial situation after bankruptcy. The bankruptcy laws are very generous. I can think of no other law in this country where one day you can be in debt and the very next day you can literally be out of debt and be granted a fresh start. It’s like wiping the slate clean. It’s like getting a new lease on life financially. It’s an opportunity to start saving again. It’s an opportunity to put money into your retirement account. It’s an opportunity to put more interest in your home life, your family life, your personal life and start to rebuild your financial future. If you need to find a bankruptcy lawyer, your local bar association should have a recommendation or a listing of competent attorneys.

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