If you do your homework as a client, if you do some research, if you ask around, and ask the right questions of the attorney, you will find that you will likely hire good, local counsel at a reasonable fee such as a Burnham bankruptcy attorney. State-by-state, things can vary in terms of fees. In the bigger cities such as Chicago, New York, Los Angeles, Dallas, you might expect to pay a higher attorney fee that you might in some rural areas. It really depends on the link is to the attorney, the expertise of the attorney and the complexity of your case.

    Some cases only require one or two creditors. Some cases have 100 creditors. Obviously it’s going to be more complex depending on how many creditors you have, what your total debt is, whether or not you have tax debts, child support or other non-dischargeable debts in your case.

    I advise clients to do their research by going on the Internet and exploring some of the attorney’s fees that are out there. I also advise my clients to meet with one, two or even three bankruptcy attorneys prior to filing or making a decision on which bankruptcy lawyer to hire. You can learn so much about the attorney by visiting the attorney. You can learn about their staff. You can learn about their demeanor. You can learn about the nature of their practice. For example, are you hiring a bankruptcy law firm or are you hiring an attorney that handles bankruptcy cases along with all other areas of the law? Are you hiring a specialist or are you hiring a general practitioner who takes any case that comes through the door?

    You can explore whether the Chapter 13 bankruptcy lawyer has written anything on the topic of bankruptcy. You probably want to check out their website and see if they have any explanations or videos or useful information that will help in making your decision on whether or not filing bankruptcy is the right decision for you. You can also contact the local Bar Association and see who they recommend. I recommend that you hire an attorney who is part of the American Bankruptcy Institute. The American Bankruptcy Institute is an organization that encompasses all facets of bankruptcy practice from attorneys to creditors to banks to judges to trustees and any other person that might be tangentially related to bankruptcy. By being a part of the American Bankruptcy Institute, you have the knowledge of the entire group and all of the resources at your disposal. It should not be very hard to find a bankruptcy lawyer in your home town.

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