Big Rock Bankruptcy Attorney

As a Big Rock bankruptcy attorney, I am constantly advising clients and prospective clients not to stress out about having to file for bankruptcy relief. I tell my perspective clients not to worry about credit after a bankruptcy because the credit will be there, the opportunities and the offers will be there after filing. What I want to stress with my clients and potential clients is that they need to be thinking about getting out of debt and getting a fresh start before they should be thinking about getting back into debt.

The best advice I can give is that clients go on a cash basis for the next six months to two years after filing Chapter 7 bankruptcy. By going on a cash basis clients will actually see and feel the pain that they go through when you actually pay for things with cash money. It has become too easy in this country to whip out plastic and pay for it 30 days later or make a minimum payment on something as opposed to paying it off in full. When people pay with cash studies have shown that they spend less because they feel it more. So instead of worrying about how you’re going to get back into debt with credit, I want clients to worry about how they’re going to change the way they’re spending so that they don’t fall back into debt again.

So that’s basically how you start the procedure in terms of whether or not you qualify for bankruptcy, what the cost is and how the bankruptcy process works. Most attorneys throughout the country are going to offer you the initial consultation without charge. There are some attorneys that are charging for the initial consultation. I personally do not believe its right to charge someone for the initial consultation when you don’t know yet if you can help them. I would rather provide the information complimentary, let the debtor or the prospective client make an educated decision on whether or not they want to file, and if they do what to file through my office I’m more than happy to set them up on a payment plan so that I can help facilitate the goals that they’re seeking.

You may likely find that filing for bankruptcy was the best decision you ever made. I have had hundreds of clients who made a fantastic turnaround after filing. They are making money and acquiring property. Most importantly, they are doing without the burden of debt. If you need help, find a bankruptcy lawyer in your home town.

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