Bensenville Bankruptcy Attorney

When you come into the office of a Bensenville bankruptcy attorney, you are going to fill out a bankruptcy questionnaire. The bankruptcy questionnaire has all types of detailed information about your finances. You will be asked whether or not you own any real estate. You will be asked if you own a vehicle. You will then have to list significant items of personal property. You will be required to list your monthly income as well as your monthly expenses. Under the Statement of Financial Affairs section, you will disclose what you have made from a job in the last three years, as well as a series of other personal information. You will also be asked to list all the people that you owe money to, including family members and friends. From this information, the attorney will be able to make a strong recommendation for you. In 75 percent of the consultations, the attorney will likely recommend that you file Chapter 7 bankruptcy. That percentage is consistent with the amount of Chapter 7 bankruptcy cases filed throughout the United States. Seventy-five percent of all cases filed are of the Chapter 7 variety. Twenty-five percent of the cases filed in the country are of the Chapter 13 variety. So you have a three out of four chance that you are going to qualify for Chapter 7 bankruptcy if you are someone who is struggling financially.

At the meeting, you will have an opportunity to ask the Illinois bankruptcy attorney a series of questions. You will have the opportunity to ask the attorney regarding attorney’s fees. In Chapter 7 bankruptcy cases, the attorney’s fees are going to vary from case to case, lawyer to lawyer, jurisdiction to jurisdiction. The only thing that is going to remain constant in a Chapter 7 bankruptcy case is the court filing fee. At that time of this writing, the court filing fee for a Chapter 7 bankruptcy case is $306.00. Attorney’s fees are going to range depending on the complexity of the case, the competence and skill of the attorney, and the local geographic area in which the client resides. Regardless of the actual attorney fee, you will likely be afforded the opportunity to make payments over time. Under Chapter 7 bankruptcy law, the amount that you owe your attorney is eliminated upon filing unless you sign a post-petition retainer agreement. Most attorneys are going to demand that they be paid in full prior to the case actually being filed with the court. However, most attorneys will allow you to hire them for as little as $100.00 down as long as there’s a payment plan to follow. Once you have paid the $100.00 down and have retained the Chapter 7 bankruptcy attorney, you are free to give the attorney’s name and number to any creditor that is bothering you.

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