Cheap Bankruptcy Lawyers

If you are having financial difficulties, you should know that there are bankruptcy options available to you.  You should not simply seek out cheap bankruptcy lawyers.  The United States’ bankruptcy laws are some of the most gracious laws that were ever written in this country.  Where else can you go from being completely broke and owing everyone to debt free in a matter of minutes?  It is only through the use of Federal bankruptcy laws and the skilled attorneys who deal with bankruptcy cases on a day to day basis.  That is why I love helping people get out of debt.  The satisfaction that comes from turning lives around is why I do what I do.

I am sure that you have seen television commercials persuading you to hire this Chapter 7 bankruptcy attorney or this debt relief company or another.  The truth is that there are many attorneys who claim to be able to assist with bankruptcy filing.  I strongly suggest that you explore your options and do your research.  Not all bankruptcy attorneys are the same.  Not all attorneys have the same knowledge, skill set and work ethic.  Simply advertising attorney services is not the same as being able to truly assist.  There are so many obstacles in the way of a decent bankruptcy case.  Make sure that you ask the right questions.

The first question that I would ask is, “do you practice regularly in this area?’  If the office is located in Chicago, ask if he or she feels comfortable with not only the bankruptcy basics, but with the bankruptcy complexities.  Has the attorney written on the subject?  Has the attorney spoken on the subject?  Has the attorney given you any information that you were unaware of?  Basically, does the attorney possess the requisite skills to handle your case?  You are looking for the best option at a fair price.  Don’t get hood-winked into hiring an attorney who does not possess the necessary knowledge.

Be aware that there are alternatives to bankruptcy.  They might not apply to your situation and they might not be the best choice.  However, it is good to at least explore the non-bankruptcy options prior to making a final decision on filing.  If you decide that filing is the best option, read all that you can about the chapter that the attorney recommends.  Some attorneys will recommend a chapter that benefits the attorney more than it benefits the client.  Lastly, check with the attorney board to see if the attorney has any outstanding disciplinary actions.  If so, you may want to question the attorney with regard to those actions.