Zion Bankruptcy Attorney On Who Will Know About Your Bankruptcy Filing

The majority of people that you know are not going to know that you file for bankruptcy at all states Zion bankruptcy attorney.  Although it is public record, it is not something that is readily available for the average consumer.  The people who are going to know about your bankruptcy filing are you, your attorney, all of your creditors and every once in a while, your employer if a garnishment has to be stopped. 

You do not have to worry that people are going to be searching your name on the computer looking to see if you filed for bankruptcy or not.  It is public record, however, in most cases, friends, family and associates do not become aware of your bankruptcy filing.  You may have to disclose the fact that you file bankruptcy on certain applications; however, you do not have to fear any kind of discrimination.  The Bankruptcy Code contains a provision which provides that employers and different people cannot discriminate upon you based on the fact that you filed the bankruptcy.  You have a federal right to get out of debt either under Chapter 7 or reorganize under Chapter 13 of the Bankruptcy Code.  If you feel you are being discriminated against after you filed bankruptcy, contact your bankruptcy attorney.  That attorney might have the resources to bring a federal action against whoever has discriminated against you. 

So don’t fear that everyone is going to know about your bankruptcy because they are not.  Only the people that really need to know about your bankruptcy such as your creditors, your attorney and yourself are going to get notice.


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