Zion Bankruptcy Attorney Advises How To Handle Creditor Calls

Any time after hiring my services as your Zion bankruptcy attorney, you are free to notify creditors that you are filing bankruptcy through my office.  I recommend that you give them my name, my number and tell them which Chapter of the Bankruptcy Code that you plan on filing for. 

Once a creditor becomes aware of the fact that you have hired my office, they are prohibited from contacting you directly and all correspondence needs to come through my office.  This means they can’t send you any harassing letters, and they can’t give you any harassing phone calls.  They do have the ability to pursue legal action in the courts up until the time your case is filed; however, most creditors will not pursue legal action if they know that you’ve hired an attorney and they get verification from my office that you have retained my services.  

Immediately upon hiring me, you will be in our database and you can feel free to give creditors our name and number.  That is part of the service we provide.  That is part of the help that we give you to turn your situation around and give you some instant relief.  The biggest form of relief, of course, comes when your case is actually filed and an official notice of bankruptcy filing goes out to all of your creditors.  However, in the interim, feel free to give my name and number once you’ve hired my firm and we will help you keep those creditors off your back.



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