Winthrop Harbor Bankruptcy Attorney On The Timing Of Filing

 A bankruptcy case can be filed relatively quickly states Winthrop Harbor bankruptcy attorney.  That is the case if all of the fees are paid in full and if all the information is provided and if the client takes the credit counseling and provides the paycheck stubs and tax information.  If, on the other hand, the client asks for a protracted claimant plans such as $100 every month or something along those lines, then it’s going to take several months before a bankruptcy case can be filed.  

In my office, you must have all of your fees paid in advance prior to your case being filed.  In addition, you must provide a series of documents.  You must complete the credit counseling and you must be willing to cooperate with what the attorney is asking.  In many cases, we send out a letter saying we need a particular piece of information and the debtor or the client simply doesn’t provide it.  After a month goes by, we will send a second letter and hopefully the client will provided by that time. 

So the speed of the case really depends on the payment plan if there is going to be one and whether or not the client is real cooperative in getting us the documents that we had been requesting.


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