Morton Grove Bankruptcy Attorney Talks About Future Employers And Your Filing

Future employers have the right to ask on a questionnaire or application whether or not you filed for bankruptcy before says Morton Grove bankruptcy attorney.  However, those employers cannot discriminate against you based on the fact that you filed for bankruptcy.  It might be difficult to prove that the prospective employer discriminated based upon your bankruptcy filing, especially when they give some other type of reason for not hiring you.  However, you do have to list the information if it’s asked of you, as to whether or not you file bankruptcy before. 

In the overwhelming majority of cases, my clients have not had a problem with employers after a bankruptcy filing.  The Bankruptcy Code specifically prohibits discriminatory conduct based on the fact that someone has filed a prior bankruptcy.  Bankruptcy is federal law and you have the federal right to file a bankruptcy every eight years under Chapter 7 or under Chapter 13 in certain circumstances, repetitively. 

If you feel that you are being discriminated upon based on the fact that you file for bankruptcy, then you want to contact an attorney who might be able to help you.  You can talk to a bankruptcy attorney or an employment attorney to see if you have any redress under the existing federal laws based on the fact that you were discriminated against.


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