Evanston Bankruptcy Attorney On Where To Send Trustee Payment

Your first Chapter 13 trustee payment is typically paid to the lawyer who sends it to the Chapter 13 trustee after the case is filed.  Additionally, if you are someone who is working, then you are going to be on payroll control for the remainder of your Chapter 13 plan payments according to Evanston bankruptcy attorney.  Payroll control is where the trustee is paid out of your payroll department in accordance to how often you are paid and what your monthly payment is to the trustee. 

On the rare occasion when you have to make a payment on your own, then you are going to want to send it to the trustee directly.  The trustees in the northern district of Illinois all have offices where they accept payments in Memphis, Tennessee.  The payment must be in the form of either a money order or a cashier’s check and it should contain your name and case number on it. 

If the trustee has brought a motion to dismiss, then I would recommend that you gather the trustee payment and bring it to your attorney so that your attorney can appear in court on the motion to dismiss and show the trustee physically in hand that you have paid a certain amount for the trustee payment.  If you do not have the funds to pay your trustee and a successful Chapter 13 trustee motion to dismiss is brought, then you will have the option in most cases to refile a new Chapter 13 bankruptcy case and start over.  If you are gainfully employed, and the amount is coming out of your paycheck, then you should not have any problem making your Chapter 13 plan payment.  You may have a problem paying your other debts such as your current mortgage and rent and things like that, but you should not have a problem with your Chapter 13 because it’s going to be automatically submitted from your payroll department to the Chapter 13 trustee automatically.


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