Deerfield Bankruptcy Attorney On What It Takes To Prepare To File

As stated by Deerfield bankruptcy attorney, the preparation to file for bankruptcy is mostly done by your law firm.  Your law firm will take the information that you provide and prepare a Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy petition.  The petition is a 40 to 60 page document that is done on the computer with specialized bankruptcy software.  The paperwork is then sent to you for your signature in about 10 to 12 different spots throughout the document.  The federal government wants to make sure that you have read the documents and that you understand what you are signing and that you are signing under all penalties of perjury.  Every few pages there is going to be a signature block where you have to attest or affirmed that the information in the previous pages is true and accurate. 

The law firm prepares the paperwork based on the information that you have provided as well as whatever is on your credit report.  You have the ability to add creditors who do not appear on your credit report or add information that the attorney did not originally know.  For example, many times we said bankruptcy petitions out for signatures and the clients will advise us that a certain medical bill or a certain loan was not listed on the list of creditors.  Any time prior to the case being filed we can add a creditor without any charge.  If after the cases filed, somebody wants to add a creditor, then there is going to be additional fees because there are additional court costs to do so. 

So the preparation of your bankruptcy filing is done primarily by the law firm based on the information that you provide.  The document can be amended, the document can be updated and the document must be signed by the client under all penalties of perjury.

 In the event that you do not agree with the information in the document, immediately consult with your attorney to make the document correct.  You want to make sure that all the information in this document is true and accurate and that you are not lying or concealing any kind of property to the court.

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