If you are in need of help regarding your debt, then you have found the right place.  We provide the direct resource to connect you with qualified bankruptcy attorneys in your area.  Americans are overwhelmed with debt these days.  It may be debt from credit cards, medical bills, personal loans, pay day loans, past due utilities, repossessions, foreclosures and many other types of debts.  You are not alone and you do not have to be afraid.  The attorneys at Bankruptcy Attorneys Direct are exceptional attorneys who have made helping Americans get out of debt their life’s work.  For over twenty years, we have been helping people in need of debt relief and we have gotten their financial lives turned around.  Most people state, “I wish I had contacted then sooner.  I did not need to suffer as long as I did.”

There are two main forms of relief for those struggling with debt:

Chapter 7 is the most well-known form of bankruptcy relief.  Most people who file for Chapter 7 wind up keeping their homes, cars and all of their other property.  What they wind up eliminating are unsecured debts such as credit cards, medical bills and personal loans.  After meeting with one of our qualified attorneys, you will know if Chapter is the right case for you.  Our attorneys will be happy to explain to you in great detail the bankruptcy process from start to finish.  You will be please to know that there is a life after bankruptcy and a better life than what you are currently struggling through.

Chapter 13 is another great form of debt relief.  It is commonly used to repay mortgage arrears as well as reorganizing the repayment of all other debts.  The amount being repaid depends upon the person’s income, expenses, assets and liabilities.  Often times, creditors are paid back less than the total amount owed.  Chapter 13 is a complex case and requires the knowledge and skill of an experienced bankruptcy attorney.  The attorneys at Bankruptcy Attorneys Direct have the skill, knowledge and experience to get you the result that you are looking to achieve.